What is Rolfing® and Structural Integration?

Rolfing® and Structural Integration is a form of bodywork that utilizes neuromuscular therapy, myofascial release, connective tissue manipulation, and deep tissue massage therapy to bring the body back into alignment. Over time through poor posture, improper body mechanics, and gravity our bodies develop misalignment. Thousands of things can happen over time to create misalignment in the body – from working at a desk to playing sports. Rolfing® and Structural Integration is a 10 session series that brings the body back into alignment to obtain peak biomechanical efficiency.


A common misperception is that our bones determine our body’s structure. While it is true that our bones determine our height, length, and design of our body, our bones themselves are held in place by hundreds of muscles. These muscles are a complex web that allow not only movement but determine our structure. Over time, we over-develop some muscles, under-develop others, some become tight, while others slacken in response and this unfortunate consequence of nature can cause our muscles to pull or use our bodies in ways they were not designed. This can manifest itself from poor posture to decreased athletic performance, it can increase the chance of injury, and be the primary cause of chronic pain.


Rolfing® and Structural Integration is a series of sessions aimed at correcting these systemic issues so that our bodies can operate as close to peak performance as possible. By addressing the fundamental issues that our bodies create for themselves we can correct pain, reduce chance of injury, improve posture, and perform at a higher level. Rolfing® and Structural Integration is a result-oriented form of bodywork aimed at promoting long term health.


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