Orthotics are prescriptive insoles that are specifically designed not only to make shoes fit better, but also to correct biomechanics. Improved efficiency means less stress on the musculoskeletal system and less wear on joints. Custom orthotics are made for a variety of uses: for everyday wear, for dress shoes, for specific sports uses, and even for diabetics with circulatory issues.

We use an accurate, objective diagnostic system which enables you to get a complete diagnosis of the condition of your feet. Traditional methods of fitting orthotics use plaster or foam casting processes resulting in an orthotic designed for the foot when it is at rest. By contrast, our system is designed to respond to the changes in the foot when in motion.  We are so confident in our orthotics that we offer with an unconditional 30-day full money-back guarantee. 

We also specialize in on-site prescription orthotics service for companies. If your staff spends extended periods of time on their feet, they may be encountering foot, knee, and/or back pain from biomechanical abnormalities in their feet. Most extended health care insurance plans cover 80%–100% of the cost of prescription orthotics. Take this opportunity to protect your company from absenteeism caused by foot, knee, and/or back pain.

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